The FC1 is an autonomous drone flight computer powered by an Atmel 32-bit ARM processor and a small 8-bit offload processor. It’s capable of driving up to 6 ESCs or servos, and has a built in gyroscope, accelerometer, magnetometer, altimeter, digital thermometer, GPS, and battery level sensor. And it’s all in a board smaller than a TV remote!

The FC1 can be programmed via it’s JTAG or Micro-USB connectors via the Arduino IDE using a simple and intuitive API, however it comes out-of-the-box ready to fly without any configuration. Connect a touchscreen or character LCD module to configure some settings, or if your drone is a standard quad or hex-copter just press START and let it figure out how the motors are positioned! The built-in 5V regulator provides over 3 amps of current for high-power devices like LED strips or servos. It can be connected to your battery or voltage source (anywhere from 7V to 24V) using an XT60 connector, barrel plug, or the VIN pin on the GPIO headers.

When the FC1 is finished, several expansion boards will be available, including an RGB spotlight, a character LCD, a GPS board, a text-to-speach module, an improved power controller, and even a 4″ touchscreen.

[Don’t forget to check out our company’s website at bbryce.com]

Please note that the details of this experimental product are subject to change without notice. Duh.


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